The department announces the Make-up exam schedule for the first and second semesters: 2018/2019 as follows: Download


The department announces its academic calendar for the end of the academic year 2018/2019: Download the calendar

List of excluded students (1st Semester / 2018/2019)

1- Introduction in archeology: 

* Mr. Sayd Achour

* Mr. Nigri A/elHak

2- Computer science:

* Attafi Nasreddine

* Zedadra Amina

* Baalia Saida

3- Bibliography:

* Aissaoui Ahlem

Fetatnia Nadjet

Grini Khaoula

Laabadla Sihem

4- History of civilizations:

* Garfi Abdellah

* Benacer Imen

5- Contemporary History of Algeria:

* Gharbi Houas

6- Schools and study program:

Bayea Rassou Khaldoune

* Mekhalfa Amel

7- Means of information and communication:

Kouarta Mahdi

* Boutarousse Nessrine

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